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Advantage features

Company Advantage

  • Over 40 years of operating history.
  • Distributed to 90 countries worldwide.
  • Designed and manufacture exclusively for export from Taiwan to all over the world.
  • A strong in-house R&D team.

Technical Advantages

  • Complete raw materials and processing production supply system.
  • More than 40 years’ processing and molding experience in sheet /pipe / wire made of steel, aluminum and stainless, as well as wooden and plastic products.
  • Complete shop equipment and furniture structure design team and production team.
  • Adjust the materials and processing technology according to the market demand in different regions.

Reputation Advantage

  • Over 35 years of export sales experience.
  • Stable and on-time delivery.
  • Excellent after-sales customer service.
  • Provide products that meet customers’ specifications and excellent quality.

Service Advantage

  • Correspondence between Chinese, English and Japanese language sales and production technology.
  • Fast product structure design mapping.
  • Short-term accurate quotations and product drawings provide.
  • Provide prototype for approval before mass production..